Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter 3

Today's readings: Acts 3:11-21, 1 John 3:1-7, and Luke 24: 36-49 (sermon text).

This chapter (Luke 24) is a roller coaster, the paragon of roller coasters. It begins with loss, helplessness, and fear. But when the women meet Jesus, they are elevated to joy. Alas - the disciples' disbelief frustrates the women. Then follow skepticism, doubt, confusion, sadness, and puzzlement. And so it goes, up and down. The ending is Christ's ascension, a calm ending - Christ gave the disciples peace and explained that all these events had to come to pass.

Our lives as Christians are similar. How may we be calmed? By pointing to all Scripture, all fulfilled in Jesus Christ. He has completed every prophecy spoken by God through His servants, the prophets. God had a master plan to save us from our sinful natures; this involved the torture and death of His Son.

Life is full of emotional roller coasters. But remember: God has promised to bring safely to Himself all who look to Him for salvation.

Christ is risen!

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