Monday, January 19, 2009

Thoughts on Black Tuesday

A list of things to think about today and tomorrow...

  • Obama is a great public speaker (aside from teleprompter glitches, anyway!), so the speeches should be excellent. One point in his favor.
  • He has, according to the morning news, a 78% approval rating. Another point for him. But, barring future beneficial changes in his policies, I'm planning to stay in the 22%.
  • Aurora notes, with very drastic measures being taken, that free speech is disappearing in Australia. I recall a video of election-night Obama supporters verbally and otherwise assaulting a McCain supporter wearing a pro-McCain T-shirt, and wonder how many days away that day is for America. One point against.
  • Yes, we've seen the COLB. But I'm still waiting for the long form. One point against.
  • Several friends will be wearing all black tomorrow. Feel free to join us.
America will see, in the next four years, our next president's true colors. Chances are they won't like them.

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