Thursday, January 29, 2009

Endless saliva

As Darwin's anniversary approaches - ten days, in fact - a book review surfaces. The comments on the article follow a predictable pattern, viz:
  • Evolution (note capital E) adherents laugh at the generic creationist: "The Christian bible is so full of contradictions and incorrect statements, it's really cause for laughter..."
  • Some creationists quote Scripture (Isaiah 40:22) but don't really explain. Contrary to popular belief, the facts do not speak for themselves. If they did, why would this debate have ever arisen?
  • In addition to mockery, a particular Evolutionist (note well what word can be substituted here with no change in meaning) neglects to take seriously a Book well worth taking seriously: "I just cannot believe in fairies, mystics, ghost, gods or goblins. I find it alarming and sad when others do."
One final note, about transitional forms: A fossil lineage does not prove descent. Think about it.

Both sides have smart ones, idiots, weaknesses, strengths, rabid adherents, rabid opponents, theists, antitheists, and varied quantities of faith. Creationism wouldn't be around anymore if Evolution were completely true. Neither would Evolution have come onto the scene if creationism were entirely able to explain all aspects of itself. Deal with it.

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Anonymous said...

I always tell atheists that their sins are forgiven for Jesus sake and that if they have been baptised they have been adopted by God and that they belong to Him.

Then I leave them fuming.

He will do with that...what He will do.

Thanks Hannah!!