Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why this? Why now?

Daniel Levitin tells us today why music affects our buying habits and so forth. The article made me grumpy for a number of reasons...
  • Ack! Evolutionary biology MUST be used to explain everything at all costs! "Early Homo sapiens coupled music with ritual to infuse special days with majesty and meaning. Before there was commerce, before there was anything to buy, our hunter-gatherer ancestors sat around campfire circles crafting pottery, jewelry and baskets, and they sang." Yes, this is perfectly allowable. Yet it still raises hackles on my neck.
  • It's all about shopping. I hate shopping.
  • "Consumer research has shown that music, when it isn't torture, indeed has a significant effect on buying behavior." If that's true, why don't more stores play quality music instead of amateurish versions? Perhaps even a Gregorian chant or two?
My remedy for the invasion (not even mentioned! How could he have not mentioned it?) of Advent by Christmas and holiday music? WGUC! (opens up Windows Media Player) Have a blessed rest of Advent, everyone.

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