Saturday, December 27, 2008

A friendly reminder

In "All I Wanted for Christmas was a Newspaper," Paul Mulshine of one of America's 15 top newspapers notes that blogging, particularly political, has not so far been the boon for democracy it was touted to be in its inception. Much, I agree, is boring and perhaps even useless. However, should bloggers take offense at this article? Or should we look at it as a clarion call to quality?


MathewK said...

Bloggers are not going to replace journalists and vice versa. We bloggers need to get our news from somewhere after all. If news outlets die off, so will we.

However, i think that more and more people are going to get their news online and not in the hardcopy way. I also think that there are enough of us who are prepared to pay for quality reporting and analysis, not the biased BS that's churned out by the MSM most days.

I don't have a problem with unbiased journalists and media outlets and i'm certainly not trying to usurp them or something.

Hannah said...

Well said, MK. Strive for quality and keep up your good work.