Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Anger management

First, the anger-inducers:
  • Who wouldn't have anticipated the petty non-arguments taking place in the comments section to an article about large dinosaur bones? I agree with Ed on this one in that we should be doing research, not merely rehashing claims. Those claims may definitely be true, but the creationist and ID camps (yes, they ARE separate) need to publish more research papers.
  • The comments section on the Daily Mail's take on the shoe-throwing incident is similarly petty. There are gems in there, but the populace could use some civility. And the question posed by the article still stands: Where was the Secret Service?
Last, the humorous/heartening antidotes:
  • The passengers and the commenters took the honorable admission of a pilot in stride very well. The pilot did the right thing.
  • In a brilliant burst of satire, here is a letter regarding top-secret government plans.

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