Monday, November 10, 2008

Reasons to read more

Have you owned or read any of the "Five-Foot Shelf of Books"? Or any of the great books? Robert Landers reviews a book that exhorts us to read them. Since I was considering St. John's College years ago in my college search, the last paragraph tickled my academic funny bone:

Molly Rothenberg, a student at St. John's in Annapolis, Md., told Mr. Beam of comparing notes when she was a sophomore with a fellow graduate of the public high school in Cambridge, Mass. St. John's sophomores study works by such authors as Aristotle, Tacitus and Shakespeare. Her friend was attending Bates College in Maine. "She told me they were studying Rhetoric," Ms. Rothenberg said, "and they would be watching episodes of 'Desperate Housewives' and listening to Eminem. They were going to analyze it. I just laughed. What could I say?"

WSJ readers exhort us to read the Constitution as well. A citizen-passed amendment or two would not be out of order.

Update: No Compromises has alerted me to a piece written by Jefferson Paine concerning RINOs and freedom. Read it here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

I also posted a piece requesting people to read the Constitution and asked them to pledge that they would protect the Constitution. You can view that here:

I hope you will take the pledge on the poll I created and I hope others will as well. I do hope that fear won't get the best of them!!