Monday, October 27, 2008

Important voices

Paul Rubin reminds us today that, when we vote, we are voting "for the party, not the person." Words of warning below, emphasis mine:

We have a myth of a nonpolitical civil service, but it is a myth. When a new president enters office, the entire management structure of the bureaucracy and the entire philosophy of government changes. A choice of Obama is a choice for the "big government" side; a choice of McCain is a choice for the "smaller government" team.

This is why Mr. Obama's association with William Ayers is important. It is not that Mr. Ayers was a terrorist. It is because he still believes in a radical restructuring of America. Mr. Obama's long association with Mr. Ayers tells us something about the sort of people he will pick for his team, and something about the sorts of policies they will adopt.

Since Democrats control both branches of Congress, if Obama wins:
Everyone will be pushing for the same goals. These goals include the growth of government in all aspects, higher taxes and spending, expansion of government-run programs such as Medicare and Medicaid and other health programs, more regulatory control, more power and money for political allies such as the trial lawyers and unions, and less free trade. All the players will want the same things, and so we will get them.

If McCain wins:
For the McCain team goals are less relevant, since a President McCain would be
working with a hostile Congress and will have much more trouble getting anything done. If the period from 2000-2006 has taught us anything, it is that divided
government is good for the system.

Now go read the letters of two small business owners and one Cuban; here (video) is a letter of another Cuban.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sticking up for sanity over at Doorman- Priest.

Thanks for common sense on your blog!

Hannah said...

You're quite welcome, Steve. DP does say, after all, that he has liberal/radical tendencies (trying not to misquote his profile). Will keep blogging as long as Blogger lets me.

Anonymous said...


What makes me crazy is that these folks actually view Obama as a centerist.

We are going at it over there (Doorman-Priest) if you want to jump back in the fray.

Thanks Hannah! God bless!

MathewK said...

"Everyone will be pushing for the same goals."

And not just that, there will be little resistance to their nefarious goals. As it is, the left care little for those that don't believe in their wretched ideology. Can you imagine a Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi getting free reign with their stupid leftist ideology. Heaven help America if they get their way.