Monday, August 11, 2008

Evidence that Demands a Verdict: Chapter 8, part 2

Besides an unusual incarnation, sinlessness, and miracles, we would expect these of God-become-man:

4. Sense of uniqueness.
a. Friends' witness - must be either for or against. See, in the Quran, Sura Al-Imran, v. 45. McDowell also quotes from Pascal, John Young, Napoleon, Emerson, etc.
b. Antagonists agree - Goethe, H. G. Wells, Carlyle, Rosseau, etc.
5. Words greatest ever spoken.
a. Luke 21:33 - His claim - also Luke 4:32 and John 7:46.
b. Scholars sense His authority and adeptness, His universal, enduring words. They are not abstract; His person is integral to understanding His words.
6. Permanent, universal influence. Examples abound.
7. Satisfy man's spiritual hunger.
a. The abundance of major world religions testifies to this hunger.
b. Paul H. Johnson - a God-shaped vacuum in mankind.
8. Power over death.
a. Death: Jesus had authority over His life and death. Matthew 26:53-54 and John 10:18.
b. Burial: see Gospels for detailed description. He was most certainly dead.
c. Resurrection: again, a plethora of historical evidence. It promises life to us.

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