Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Snippets and tidbits

There's so much good material today! However, since I have two finals and limited computer time, there won't be too much commentary from me today. Enjoy.

Something that Angel might like: how to avoid mindless eating. The essence: Savor your food, breathe between bites, and THINK about what you're eating.

A book review about illiterate teens; the book's title is, unflatteringly, The Dumbest Generation. How many teens can read that book? (*smirk*)

An editorial detailing how to help poor families. This is something we've been hearing for some time: end the marriage penalty, particularly for those living on welfare. Yes, I know, two incomes have much more leverage; therefore we *should* tax married couples more heavily. But which do you care about more: the family unit (arguably the basis of culture) or money?

Another editorial, talking about Wheaton College et al. It makes a case for more religious colleges, not just *neutral* ones that don't end up being neutral anyway.


Panday said...


Just as a Devil's Advocate question, how do you feel about a marriage penalty tax as a device to keep one parent home with the kids (with studies showing that it's generally better for children)?

Hannah said...

Panday, that's a very interesting question. While I do strongly support one parent voluntarily staying home with the kids (maybe have the parents switch off - a feasible option?), I think the penalty is the wrong way of going about it. Do you have a proposed solution?

WomanHonorThyself said...

lol..youre soooo right Hannah..read it and liked it too!!