Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sneaky hobbitses!

As you readers have seen, I get ticked off fairly often at a Certain Political Party. Here is another reason. Excerpts:
Earmarks are supposed to be included in the text of legislation. Instead, the Members have "airdropped," in Beltway parlance, a huge number of them into the conference report that accompanies the bill. And, to ensure that the money is spent on these dark-of-night additions, the Members have included language insisting that federal agencies do so.
Perhaps it would be less noticed if they did it in the daylight? No?
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats rode to the majority in 2006 in part on their pledge to reform runaway earmarking. They've since backtracked, instituting weak rules on transparency, and refusing a challenge to join Republicans in a one-year earmark moratorium.
(The Renaissance Biologist checks her watch and sips from a water bottle.) Now, what was that you were saying about McCain being too liberal to elect? When I last checked, his earmark total was nonexistent.


Anonymous said...

I am thinking of marketing 'Nancy Pelosi dartboards.

Pelosi on one side and...oh what the hell...Pelosi on the other side.

$ 29.95 plus shipping and handling.

Poison darts extra.

Hannah said...

Careful now...perhaps I would just have an overfed donkey and/or elephant (Republicans aren't entirely exempt either, sad to say!) on the respective sides. Or maybe a clever Congress-money logo.

Anonymous said...

All I know is when I worked for the fed we got whatever we wanted to buy under democratic administration, no questions asked. They even asked us what else we wanted, no matter how silly it was.

Whenever a republican is in office they make us account for every last dime. You even have to use the same pen until some of the ink is gone. That sucks!

Pelosi would gladly GIVE us $30 to buy your dartboard, and another $300 to have it mounted in our lobby by a legal immigrant in a $45,000 pickup truck.

Anonymous said...

Good idea Hannah! You are right.

There isn't much to be excited about these days in the political arena.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

- Steve

Hannah said...

Amos, that's the same thinking my father had when he discontinued our allowances when we were still 'wee smirrs.' Giving people whatever they want, with loads of cash to boot, will get them absolutely nowhere in terms of integrity and (fiscal) responsibility.

Anonymous said...


When either Obama or Hillary wins, do you think you can get me in with the fed.? You've still got some

I need some quick cash for a molecular transporter I'm building.
When it's finished, I'm going to zap myself somewheres else.


- Steve