Thursday, May 15, 2008

RINOs and chameleons

Today's WSJ has such a great quantity of good stuff...

A few months back, I asked No Compromises if RINOs are an endangered species. WSJ readers are asking the same question. One doesn't see DINOs nearly as often, at least in my part of the world. Perhaps they're extinct.

Jason Riley has a good idea, not to mention an intriguing explanation of the "melting pot" concept. The last two sentences made me laugh. Smart man.

Many people are, to understate, disappointed, confused, and exasperated by McCain and the GOP in general. Aurora gives one reason. Two more editorials (about health care and acting like Democrats) investigate the RINO/political chameleon phenomenon.

I mourn for my party, but rejoice in the members who try to reform it, particularly my American friends in the blogrolls at left.


Anonymous said...

Hannah, thanks for the link. There's good reason why there's no DINOs. We on the right are far less devious than the left. We haven't bothered creeping into their movement to destroy them. We (foolishly) believed that we would succeed because we were right and had the truth. How wrong. The evil succeed because they're persistent, patient and very, very devious.

WomanHonorThyself said...

thanks Hannah for the info and suggestions as always appreciate your comments at WHT!:)

MathewK said...

What Aurora said and besides you've seen what happens to leftists who turn on the herd, they are dealt with very harshly. There is no room for dissent amongst the left, you are only free to agree with the mad herds.

Hannah said...

You're quite welcome, Aurora. Thanks for being one of my wise friends across the oceans.

You're welcome too, Angel! Keep up the lighthearted posts.

MK: "you are only free to agree with the mad herds." *Well* don't HAVE to agree with them if you don't mind the high risk of death in the resulting stampede!