Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Polar politics

No, sorry, it's not about global warming. It's about two opposing items in today's WSJ concerning McCain in particular. The op-ed compares him with Obama, criticizing their collectivist emphasis, which suggests that McCain isn't "conservative enough" for quite a few people. On the other hand, the letter opines that the GOP is "too conservative" and needs to include people other than the vast Right Wing Conspiracy, a.k.a. "wingnuts" in some circles.

Oddly, I agree with both positions. On the anti-McCain side (although I will vote for him because he's better in many areas than the other candidates realistically running for President), I agree that collectivism should not be foremost on the nation's mind. Granted, "if we do not hang together, then we shall certainly hang separately," but the nation was founded on individual rights as one of its cornerstones. On the inclusive-of-all-degrees-of-conservatism side, I think that, like America as a whole, the GOP can and perhaps should be a melting pot. However, that doesn't make it necessarily homogeneous - just as all the ingredients of a soup, while being similar, do not intermingle; instead, they retain their individual facets of soup-ness (or conservatism, depending on the soup).

Go have some mixed leftovers and mull this over.


Anonymous said...

Republicans suck!!! Haven't you learnt anything from Bush???

Hannah said...

I told you, no ad-hominems. Please keep a civil tongue in your head.

Anonymous said...


The Republicican Party is the stupid Party. (I am a Republican)

But the Democratic Party is the dangerous Party, and will probably get us all killed.

I thank the Good Lord every day that Al Gore or John Kerry were not our Presidents.

That we haven't been attacked on our soil since 9/11 is a testament to the toughness of Bush and his admin.

If we weren't fighting the Islamists in Iraq, do you think these Isalmists would be selling lemonaide in Aman? They would be actively working to take us down.
We fight them there...or we fight them here.

Democrats are so naive.

Did you know that the Democrats voted overwhelmingly to let accused terrorists have the right to sue witnesses in their trials?

That's just one examole of their idiocy.

I don't care for McCain but the thought of letting leftist socialists take our country in a direction that the rest of the world is running away from, makes me ill.

- Steve Martin San Clemente, CA