Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lutheran blogs!

They have been piling up in my computer's bookmarks tab and/or in my blogroll, so below I offer a list of these blogs that explain and investigate the Lutheran confession etc. usually more eloquently than I.

A Round Unvarnished Tale - Cheryl blogs about life as well as having a comprehensive list of other Lutheran blogs on her sidebar.

Slice of Laodicea - not exclusively Lutheran, but compatible in many ways.

The Old Adam Lives! - Steve offers insightful comments on my favorite theological topics. I ran across his blog just yesterday.

The Elephant's Child - a "Martin Looper" (a.k.a. Lutheran homeschooler/blogger) who occasionally pops in at Cheryl's church.

The Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake - Evan (not Cheryl's son!) is serving in the military.

The World of Doorman-Priest - I disagree with him on several important points, but he is still a Lutheran. His posts are generally more philosophical than *pragmatic*.


Elephantschild said...

Thanks for the link, and I'm glad you found my dear "baby" brother Rock Snake. He's good, even if he IS my "baby" brother!

Elephantschild said...

Oh, and I have NO clue about "trackbacks" or how to use them. :( If you know how to use them, I'd appreciate an email explanation!