Friday, May 23, 2008

Conservative values

These values today featured include (but are not limited to the *conservative* end of the political spectrum) religious faith, resiliency, love of old music (perhaps!), and conserving space.

  1. "The Faith of Flanders" - "the zealous cartoon character [from The Simpsons] has become one of the best-known evangelicals on America's small screen." Behold, he now has his own book: "Flanders' Book of Faith," authored by "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening. Given the typically crass humor and language of the show, I don't know whether I'll end up reading the book, but it sounds like an interesting read.
  2. "The Death of Conservatism is Greatly Exaggerated" - authored by no one else but Fred Thompson! He suggests a way to revive the spectrum of conservative values in America: Stand by your principles! Perhaps we can continue this trend.
    Conservatives should stay true to their principles and remember:

    - Congress cannot repeal the laws of economics. There are no short-term fixes without longer term consequences.

    - In a free and dynamic country with social mobility, there will be great opportunity but also economic disparity, especially if the country has liberal immigration policies and a high divorce rate.

    - An education system cannot overcome the breakdown of the family, and the social fabric that surrounds children daily.

    - Free markets, not an expanding and more powerful government, are the solution to today's problems. Many of these problems, such as health-care costs, energy dependency and the subprime mortgage crisis, were caused in large part by government policies.

  3. "That Melody Sounds Familiar" - this book review details how we came to love dead composers more (in general) than living ones. I, for one, would listen to WGUC all the time if I had the choice.
  4. "Ceilings Come Down to Earth" - this may not be uniquely "conservative," but why have a tall, double-high ceiling when you can have double the floor space instead?
I apologize for being somewhat random today. Perhaps it's the Vicodin (nowhere near Dr. House's habit!) for this.

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