Friday, May 9, 2008

And they're good-looking, too!

No connection to Cheryl's post of the same title (but still - please listen to Trevor's piano piece. He's getting almost as good as his father!). My post is about mosquito fish. The gist, a la Book-a-Minute:
Tiny FISH eat dangerous BUGS but have some DRAWBACKS. Now for serious details:
  • Name: Gambusia affinis.
  • Pros: Eats mosquito larvae. Doesn't grow too large for swimming pools. Cleans water. Reproduces quickly to make many such small fish to eat more bug larvae. Cute. Environmentally friendly, aside from attracting birds and chewing on frogs.
  • Cons: Misunderstood by some homeowners. Birds eat fish and leave droppings. Fish eat pieces of endangered frog tadpoles, leaving said frogs about 30% smaller. Fish eat each other if there are no bug larvae around.


Cheryl said...

Hmmm . . . should my feelings be hurt that you didn't say he's almost as good as his mother? :-) Just an oversight, I'm sure. (I know, I don't go around playing like that anymore. But I used to! Maybe some day I'll pull out my senior recital tape for you to hear.)

Hannah said...

Well, if there are no recordings on your blog of you to compare to him, then of COURSE your feelings shouldn't be hurt.

I would love to hear the recital tape. :D