Thursday, April 10, 2008

For those who need alarm clocks... is a synopsis of the best and brightest (literally!) of what's innovative in the alarm-clock world. What are these new, fun gadgets? They include
  • Runaway Alarm Clock ($49.95) by Hammacher Schlemmer. Having wheels, it "falls off the nightstand and rolls away after you hit the snooze button, so that you have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm." Unfortunately for the testers, it "crawled under our bed and was covered in dust bunnies by the time we pulled it out."

  • SunRise Alarm Clock Junior (a mere $70) by BioBrite. "The light slowly fades at night to lull children to sleep and then brightens in the morning. We found that it helped wake our four-year-old tester, who is typically slow to get up in the mornings." How nice!
  • And the most active one of all...or is it dangerous? Hammacher Schlemmer does it again with the Flying Alarm Clock, a comparative deal at $40. Beware of flying objects:
    It launches a rotor into the air when the alarm rings. The wailing does not stop until you get out of bed, pick up the rotor, and attach it to the alarm clock. We thought it was a bit frightening. The rotor, which flew so high that it hit the ceiling, seems like it could fall on you while you are sleeping.
Not that I need one myself...just enjoy keeping up with whatever wacky technology is out there.


Elephantschild said...

You forgot the Call To Prayer alarm clock.

MathewK said...

Valid point elephant.

i like the sunrise alarm. I can assure you the runaway alarm will get kicked across the room in no time and the flying one will get thrown across the room. Those are some whacky alarms.