Monday, April 28, 2008

Climate change costs ETC.

Yes, a big etc., literally. First op-ed here, the primary subject of this post. Etc. here, something Cheryl would definitely be interested in. Since finals are coming up, I will just excerpt a juicy paragraph from each.

CCC (math-heavy, yay!):

By the year 2050, the Census Bureau projects that our population will be around 420 million. This means per capita emissions will have to fall to about 2.5 tons in order to meet the goal of 80% reduction.

It is likely that U.S. per capita emissions were never that low – even back in colonial days when the only fuel we burned was wood. The only nations in the world today that emit at this low level are all poor developing nations, such as Belize, Mauritius, Jordan, Haiti and Somalia.

ETC (allusion-heavy):

The barking of these dogs as the caravan passes should be beneath a man who prefers to think himself cultivated. What do I care what they think, especially when I already know what they think? Like so many of the punditi of our day, they are all, as E. M. Forster termed it in his "Aspects of the Novel," "flat characters," by which he meant characters utterly predictable in their opinions, behavior, character – characters from whom one should expect no surprises.

See? It even has Latin in it!


WomanHonorThyself said...

good luck on the finals girl!!!

MathewK said...

I don't really get what they mean by a doubling of the population, at the current birthrate in America, you folks will remain about the same.
Meanwhile places like Europe, Russia, China, Japan India etc are going backwards. China is going to be a lot smaller come 50 years, i mean the one-child policy has to take effect some time. In the developing world too, the birth rate is not what it used to be. It might increase in the US, but those will be offset by drops elsewhere.

Sounds like a bit of alarmist talk to me, especially as the weather turns colder and colder.