Friday, March 7, 2008

McCain's freshly scrubbed ears

From the op-ed page today, by Kim Strassel, comes a spirited defense of McCain's spending (or lack of it!) policies; namely, what he thinks of earmarks. In typical good-writing fashion, the editorial begins (all emphasis and parenthetical material mine):
Newly minted presidential nominee John McCain stepped into the Rose Garden this week to receive President Bush's blessing. What the cameras didn't catch were pork-addicted congressional Republicans (all too many, it seems) blowing raspberries from their offices.
It continues:
House Minority Leader John Boehner [sees the wisdom of McCain's position on earmarks], and now believes there's more political mileage in thumping his opponents over pork than in retaining it for his party. He's spent the past two months pounding Democrats to agree to an earmark moratorium, even forcing a vote in a budget markup this week (not a single Democrat voted for it). The affair has left Speaker Nancy Pelosi red-faced, as she and her team struggle to justify the very pork they promised to rein in during the 2006 election campaign.
Ah well, we can't all keep our promises, 'specially those fiscal-responsibility ones...
Republicans have a choice. They can unite behind the feisty Mr. McCain, and take a position that is true to their small-government principles, popular with the public and a smart political move. Or they can hurt themselves, and possibly their nominee, by sticking with the lard.
("But McCain's not conservative enough! He'll side with the liberals!") All right, then - do the anti-McCain voters have a better third-party candidate in mind?


Anonymous said...

The Democrats are all about pork-barreling. They can't survive without it. Spending on lobby and special interest groups is what keeps the odious Left in power. Good post, Hannah.

MathewK said...

The way i see it McCain will hurt the conservative movement in the long run if he wins. We can bang on about small government and all that, but if Conservatives put him into power and he does the opposite, it'll be the Conservatives who will be punished.