Thursday, March 20, 2008


Today's WSJ published several letters on hot topics: the first, entitlement younguns and iPods (my post about the original here); the second, free speech or lack thereof (my orig. post here); the third, concerning the Church's role in politics/social issues (sorry, I didn't write a post about that one). Now for the goodies. Bold parenthetical material mine.

Writes Julie K. in St. Louis:

The word "clueless" is the perfect, one-word description of today's college students' perception of our nation's economy vs. their standard of living...The pathetic statement by the female student concerning a "radical redistribution of wealth in America" sounds like just another step on the entitlement ladder that her generation aspires to climb.

Writes Theodore W. in Seattle:

We conservatives have lost the minds of the mainstream media, teachers, professors and the young. Constant repetition promotes peer group pressure to believe that corporations are bad, that the "few" -- the rich -- control our lives and do not share with their fellow citizens. And that it is all unfair. And further -- unsaid but clear -- that a few elected officials can manage all of our lives collectively better than we can individually. (Do I detect an inbred lack of responsibility here? No wonder our society is going down the drain!) Even intelligent people, if told the same thing over and over come to believe it.

The young are not taught, and do not seem to know, that our material well-being comes from individuals who take financial and personal risks to better all our lives through advancing products and services that we choose to purchase in great numbers. Students don't seem to realize that entrepreneurs create wealth for all of us, sometimes from nothing but ideas and persuasiveness. They don't seem to understand that "corporations" are owned by all of us, as investors and beneficiaries of retirement and other plans.

They seem to believe that "profits" are cash, most of which is given to executives who don't earn or deserve it. We have failed to educate. (That's why my parents homeschooled me, and why I plan to homeschool, regardless of what California does.)

...Parents have failed their children and our country. It can only get worse.

The United States of America has seen its zenith...

Writes Kurt K. in Houston:
...R. Matthew Poteat's March 14 Letter...thinks academia "advocates as little constraint on individual liberties as possible?" C'mon! How about free speech? That's perhaps the most important individual liberty, and it's routinely trampled by academia. If university culture is truly rooted in the liberal tradition, I suggest that today's branches need some serious pruning.
Need I say more? Maybe it's practice vs. theory?

Writes Dean Z. in Pound Ridge, NY:

Your article "Obama Pastors' Sermons May Violate Tax Laws" (page one, March 10) illustrates the perverse stance churches have taken with regard to politics. With so many of our founding documents and principles referencing God, one would think churches would want to be involved in safeguarding the worldly institutions within which their unworldly messages must be implemented. Likewise for being able to speak out in defense of people and policies that protect those God-given principles, like freedom and equality, and against those who would take them away.

In the name of tax benefits, and backed by a perpetually ludicrous interpretation of the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses, churches have agreed to be bought off to be silent. Therefore, they cannot have a voice in the debate over how to best achieve a fertile environment for so many of their worthy goals, like world peace, prosperity and justice. With the roots of morality silenced on the public institutions that form so much of the infrastructure of our society, is it any wonder what has resulted? Behold, a Faustian bargain. How ironic, and how sad.


WomanHonorThyself said...

so spot on Hannah..the state of "education" has become such a joke..private school or home school is the only answer..thank God I had that!

Anonymous said...

Hannah, I'm sure there are thousands of Americans who have been homeschooled. And many more have attended Christian schools. This has made for a good, solid core to American society which is one more safeguard that God allowed America to have. When trouble comes, as it will, many of these people will have the inner fortitude and the preparedness to stand.