Monday, March 10, 2008

Education double-dipper, part 2

Readers have written excellent follow-up letters to the article I blogged about in this post. Here's the text of the concise, dead-on second letter (Ann W. in Brecksville, OH); emphasis mine:
Even rocket science begins with a solid foundation in arithmetic. Invention comes much later. If children could get a mathematics education that makes sense to them and provides them with the tools and language they need to master the art and science of math, more of them might become scientists, engineers, accountants and fiscally responsible citizens. I hope something changes soon because there just aren't that many jobs for bankrupt laborers any more.
Hmm...didn't someone think of this before? Sharpening tools before inventing new ones? You can't draw beautiful (by most standards, at least) art with a shapeless piece of gunk.

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MathewK said...

Without the basics you can't get anywhere. Though i don't think much will change, the education systems these days are geared towards social studies and such.