Saturday, February 2, 2008

Too good to be true?

According to this op-ed (A11, subscription NOT required), the angry-liberal mindset is fading from popularity. I'm very glad. According to author Dan Gerstein,
...[V]oters of both races were quietly resolving the pre-eminent conflict of the party's present -- between the politics of hope and the politics of Kos. (That being the Daily Kos, the nation's most influential liberal blog and the left's poster child for partisan pugnacity.) [Emphasis in original]
As to whether John Edwards' dropout from the race was partially due to a certain video of him combing his hair:
This conflict is not about ideology but about style. The truth is, over the past several years Democrats have bridged or buried most of the major issue splits that hobbled the party in the past, as evidenced by the absence of big policy debates in this campaign. That's left us to stew, particularly in the wake of John Kerry's embittering loss in 2004, over how we fight the other side. There is a clear generational split.
Aww, I thought it would be about mousse, not fists! Oh well. To summarize neatly, a candidate with a "hope" message (i.e. Obama) is, according to Gerstein, more likely to win than a "Kossack." Yep, that's his term for it. Best wishes for those voting on Super Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I suspect the Kossacks aren't finished quite yet. Zombies have a way of resurecting you know. ;-)

Aurora said...

If walking Ken doll, Kerry had been voted in on the basis of his 'style' I would wonder what on earth had happened to our taste! LOL But I guess when you pay $1500 a haircut like Kerry does, you'd better be convincing yourself that it makes you the king of style.