Monday, February 25, 2008

No more salt?

Now that would be a welcome development--in my city of residence, we've had about 50" of snow this season, with 6-12" more scheduled over the next day or two.

A front-page article today describes how a certain inventor tries to develop non-solid alternatives to the ordinary, corrosive, plant-choking, ineffective-below-17-degrees rock salt. Named Steve Bytnar, this man in Colorado has so far concocted "a line of glass jars containing a colorful array of liquids," mostly with secret recipes. Known ingredients include "molasses, corn syrup, beet juice...residue from rum distillation...residue from ethanol distillation" and others (some less smelly!). Bytnar's final product so far: a liquid de-icer named Apex.


Marie N. said...

I heard some communities in northeast Ohio were going to be adding beet juice to their brine solutions. I'm wondering how this will impact laundry detergent and stain remover sales in the region.

I'm glad I don't have any white carpets!

MathewK said...

Someone please tell the poor fellow to stop wasting time. The global warming gasbags inadvertently stumbled on the solution a while ago. Just guzzle lots of gas and emit as much CO2 as you can, that'll warm the planet and you won't have all this snow.

Hannah said...

LOL, MK! Wow...what a solution (*smirk*).

Marie--at least it'll smell better than ordinary brine (if that's a benefit!).

This morning we got a few inches of nice, soggy, heavy snow. Driving was made much more interesting by controlled skidding. :)

MathewK said...

"This morning we got a few inches of nice, soggy, heavy snow."

You too huh, i've been hearing report all around the globe about heavy snow and 'coldest' records being broken. Oh Al, where's the warming old son?