Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Germy hands

This letter (A15) cracked me up. What a lighthearted attitude! Writes Timothy A. in Riverwoods, IL:
The human body was never designed to be germ free, and it never has been throughout history ("Restroom Décor: Germy Doorknobs Inspire Inventors," page one, Feb. 15). Wash your hands, but then grab that door knob with confidence. Take your chances with the rest of us. No one dies here folks, and your immune system will thank you later.
That's all too true. While it is disgusting to think of people wiping but forgetting to wash their hands, one is inclined to doubt. I usually use a sleeve or part of a shirt anyway, simply because I, like (hopefully!) all grown persons, am not in the habit of gumming a piece of cloth, be it a shirt or security blanket. ;-)

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