Monday, February 4, 2008


Maybe this isn't the face of the *true* Islam. But check out these posts anyway:

This post from Crusader Rabbit critiques Britain's continuing acceptance of certain groups' exercise of polygamy.

This post from Velvet Hammer details the increasing dhimmitude of the U.S., namely certain taxi drivers' demands for foot baths.

Added 2/5/08: This post from ibn Misr lists typical 'debate' tactics that Muslims commonly use.


Anonymous said...

Toxic Political Correctness

Muslims health care workers to good to wash up and sanitize their arms. God forbid the arms are viewed by anyone. The turn on factor is a big one. [roll eyes]

Plus! A Roman Catholic hospital worker had simply requested to be able to view the Crucifix and the picture of the Virgin Mary (which were covered) while he was visiting the chapel. Why there were covered in the first place I do not know. The muslims in the chapel at the time refused. The Catholic has now lost his job as not surprisingly the situation leaned in favor of the muslims.

Utter (PC) madness!

velvethammer said...

Oh Hannah I forgot to thank you for the link. So thanks! :)