Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jeremiah session 3

We planned on chapters 2-6 originally, but we just got through 2:28.

  • Standard prophetic outline (repeated sometimes): judgment on Israel/Judah; judgment on pagan nations; promise about the Messiah.
  • Gospel in Jeremiah: "not making a full end of Judah" (repeated 8 times).
  • 2:1--"devotion of your youth" was (very) shortly after their rescue from Egypt.
  • 2:3--God's protection of Israel His bride.
  • 2:4--"house of Jacob" was a favorite prophetic symbol for God's people. Following: God is exasperated with the supposed leaders of His people.
  • 2:10-11--Kedar --> Mohammad; included in pagan nations.
  • 2:13--water was precious for Israel, so their self-reliance was saddening. They forgot that God provides their water and had reserved cisterns already.
  • 2:16--"shaved...your head" is either shameful or pagan or both.
  • 2:18--God taunts Israel, who trusted in Egypt, their former master. Losing the fear (respect, repentance, trust) of God is losing everything.
  • 2:20--"under every green tree" occur acts of pagan worship. "Like a whore"--given that God joins Himself to us, idolatry = sleeping around on Him. In marriage, as in religion, there is no second place.
  • Planting/reaping--compare Is. 5:1-7, Jer. 12:1-7, Luke 13:6-9 and 20:9-19.

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