Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Faithlings, part 2

A previous post questioning the reputed existence of alien life drew comments from both sides. Here's the text of a letter (A19, subscription required) responding to that blurb. Writes Alan S. of St. Helena Island, S.C. (emphasis mine):

It's not too difficult for me to believe that there is life out there somewhere. However, it's impossible to even imagine that Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich and two friends saw "something extraordinary" early one evening within view of Mount Rainier in Washington while staying at -- of all places -- the home of actress Shirley MacLaine ("What Kucinich Saw: Witnesses Describe His Close Encounter," page one, Jan. 2). Furthermore, if these flying triangles really paid them a visit that day, why did they choose to hover over her home?

I draw these conclusions: One, aliens, at least those who fly in triangle-shaped crafts, have a good sense of humor. Two, they come from an otherworldly location that has the same air-traffic congestion problems that we do, hence the "red and green lights running down the edges" of their craft. Could such lighting be a universal visibility regulation? And, finally, if one assumes that they are vastly superior to us in technical and intellectual capabilities, why didn't they know that Ms. MacLaine wasn't home that day? Shouldn't they have called first?

Although I'm not condoning the first sentence, the rest is a riot, as you can see--and parts of it seem to (indirectly, at least) support the other side.

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