Sunday, January 27, 2008

Epiphany 3

The sermon text today was Isaiah 9:1-4.

Isaiah's (really God's) prediction of Christ's ministry was made over 700 years in advance! Israel was the pre-image of the church; therefore, the prophecy applies to us as well.
  • No more gloom for the anguished (v. 1)--gloom from having God turn His back on them. God hasn't forsaken us--His glory has shined upon us! This was especially true in the Transfiguration.
  • Galilee--a rural place, out of the way; news of Jesus spread fast.
  • v. 2--darkness and light, deep darkness vs. great light. Our sins go to the bone; we're dead in our trespasses. We don't deserve the glory God gives us.
  • v. 4--new motif, oppression vs. liberty. Works of the flesh (Gal. 6) vs. works of God. But God has given us His power over Satan!
  • v. 3--end-times words (e.g. dividing the spoil). We need Christ's power to fight Satan in the last battle. Just as God was victorious at Midian, so also the Messiah will be victorious over the devil, the false god. Christ's power ALONE. Even if we are unfaithful, He is faithful and saves not by our strength but by His own.
The end times are indeed upon us. Normally I wouldn't inject something political in a post of this character, but please visit and/or link to this post from Aurora. Do we want to die under God, or under Allah?

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Anonymous said...

Hannah, thanks for the link. Yes the last days are here. Christians have already been thrown in jail in Europe for similar things. One pastor in Germany has already been to jail twice! And I'm positive it will get worse. Time to know what we believe!