Monday, December 10, 2007

The virus is in the details

Huckabee is at risk (A10) of a virus common to all politicians: scrutiny of his record. Laura Meckler reports that "[h]undreds of Republicans arriving to hear Mike Huckabee speak this weekend were greeted by a man in prison stripes with a rubber mask and this sign: 'Hey Mike, Thanks for the Pardon.'" Technically it was a parole. Et cetera.

This coincides with his 2-1 lead over Romney in IA (Newsweek poll). Re the AIDS kerfuffle:

And yesterday, he expressed little remorse for positions he took in 1991 regarding AIDS, including his view that AIDS patients should be isolated. At the time, it was known that HIV wasn't transmittable through casual contact.

In a questionnaire submitted to the Associated Press when he was running for Senate in 1992, Mr. Huckabee also opposed greater federal funding for AIDS research and called homosexuality "an aberrant, unnatural, and sinful lifestyle."

Yeah, that stuff about "sinful" will get him loads of flak with libs, all right. Lastly, while protected by his "anti-Romney" popularity, he "risks being seen as a flip-flopper." I wonder why?...

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MathewK said...

Hannah, i don't see candidates like Hukabee and Romney winning the candidacy, from what i've read it's really down to Thompson and Giulani, do you think Thompson stands a chance or will it be Giulani and someone else, Mccain?