Monday, December 31, 2007

The Grid

Over at No Compromise I discovered her post about a very helpful document: code name The Grid (PDF file; needs Adobe Acrobat Reader to view). Since the news about Huckabee has turned less than pristine, I need this myself. Take her up on it--spread the word in the blogosphere.

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No Compromise said...

Hi Hannah,

It's nice to hear from you again.

Thanks for posting The Grid on your blog. The Contributors of No Compromise is going to being having a pow wow on who we are going to support.

As you may have known we were supporting Huckabee until we found out about his D rating on immigration and his tax and spend record from his state. A sad disappointment I have to say.

This is the first time in my voting career that I have not had a clear candidate to support which has throughly frustrated me and the rest of my team.

We do know who we won't support thus far which is Judy, John, and Huck. We are sick and tired of the Republican party putting up RINOs as conservatives and trying to guilt trip us, or using scare tactics to get us to vote for them.

I, personally, am done being used to strengthen the power trippers. I have worked too hard as a prolife activist, and campaign manager for true conservatives to vote for those who oppose my beliefs! I hope I can convince others to not allow "them" to scare "you, the voter" into voting for anyone who compromises our conservative values.

There are some issues we can compromise on, but there are those values never to be compromised and those three candidate above do not fit my bill.

So that said, at this point we have to have a meeting to come up with some conclusion. Any thoughts?

Again, thanks and hope to hear from you soon.