Friday, December 7, 2007

A brand-new conservatism?

On A16 of today's WSJ is yet another negative editorial on Huckabee. The sticking point: Is he really as conservative as possible? Some points:
  • During last Monday's press conference in IA, his speech "sounds great, explains little." So he's borrowing from the Democrats' playbook? Isn't that *illegal*?
  • His definition of conservatism "has morphed to include tax hiking, protectionism, corporate scolding and an unserious approach to foreign policy." Protectionism I don't mind, as long as it's in moderation. Same with taxes--just give us a good reason (or several) why you need more revenue. The "little people" definitely applaud the third part--and some businesses may very well need some "scolding." As for foreign policy, as long as he doesn't pull out and does be consistent, it's all right by me.
  • "When he can get away with it, Mr. Huckabee is vague...It's when he's pressed for details that things get dodgy." That's a very legitimate concern. How, though, can you expect only the Republicans to provide both sides of an issue while allowing liberals the same *privilege* that you deny your own candidate?
  • "The chances of actually [implementing the "fair tax," abolishing the IRS, and repealing the 16th Amendment] are about as likely as Christmas three times a year." Perhaps another analogy would be in order, seeing as Thanksgiving and Halloween, not to mention Easter, are monetarily identical to Christmas these days--but that's another story.
  • Re his "checkered tax past," he replied, "Most everyone who has ever governed [has one]"--even Reagan. Again, why aren't we holding Congress to the same level of fiscal responsibility?
Not a bad editorial at all. But, as Aurora has reminded all of us, why expect a perfect candidate? If we do have one, why are there no editorials about him? Are there any Thompson supporters on the WSJ staff, perhaps? Choose the least of a host of evils.

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Aurora said...

Hannah, unfortunately, a bunch of imperfect candidates is what we get this time round. And I think out of these Huckabee is one of the better ones and certainly a far sight better than anything the Dems have got. I could live with him, Tancredo or Fred Thompson going by what's being said around the 'spere. Ron Paul seems to be way too universally despised to get anywhere and Giuliani I can't stand. What's the point of getting someone into power who is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and anti-guns? You may as well have a Dem!