Monday, November 12, 2007

Equality for all?

Richard Q. from Verona, N.J. (A15) explains why we have capitalism (vs. "equality" in socialist countries) and why it works. Why do people complain about "inequality"? Emphasis mine.
  • "Clearly a shrinking middle class is of concern, but what is the reason for it? It can't be as simple as concluding that the middle has less because the top has more."
  • "Simply put, there are limited dollars each year for raises. The best performers get a disproportionate piece of the pie and average workers get less. Is this wrong? If one accepts the sharing concept on its face, all workers would receive an average wage. Is that how we encourage innovation and risk taking? If you accept the sharing concept, then you must also accept mediocrity.
Hmmm...yes, I know there's a poorer class that doesn't make as much money. But if you're expecting handouts for doing your duty, go somewhere other than this free capitalist country.

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