Monday, November 5, 2007

Doing what perhaps no military has done before...and we get killed for it!

On page A17 of today's WSJ: a letter you don't see very often. Written by Rich B., USMA 1990, in New York, here it is in its entirety (emphasis mine):

As a former Army officer from Long Island, I was moved by Mark Lasswell's account of how Lt. Michael Murphy won the Medal of Honor and the story of the one Navy SEAL who made it back to tell the story ("Lone Survivor," Oct. 27, editorial page).

What struck me was that Lt. Murphy's unit was discovered by three goat herders. If the SEALs executed those herders, Lt. Murphy and his men might have survived. But we train officers in morality in the U.S. military. By doing the right thing, Lt. Murphy and 18 other Americans perished. Why didn't the media pick up on this part of the story? Is it because it doesn't fit the assumption that our soldiers are murderous thugs, killing and terrorizing women and children in the night?

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