Friday, October 26, 2007

Strange bedfellow positions

The title (A16 of today's WSJ) is ominous enough: "Another Man From Hope" by John Fund. Describing second-tier candidate Mike Huckabee (from Hope, Arkansas, in case you haven't been reading the newspapers for the past months), Fund contrasts the approach of today's conservative candidates with that of Ronald Reagan. Noting that, for example, Giuliani is running on "modified" "socially liberal views," he complains that Huckabee is also split--on social issues he is "hard right," but on economic issues he is "liberal populist." Fund warns that this fellow may surprise those who elected him if (when, I hope) he wins, just as Clinton (not Hillary!) did years back.

Given the Journal's conservative stance on economics, I understand Fund's fear. However, social issues like abortion and gun-control laws are more important to me, at least for this election. We've survived high taxes before. And as for opposing tax hikes--isn't that what Congress is for?

Oh wait...they're the ones who are earmark-happy. Maybe the Supreme Court? Or will it have to be voting with feet?

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